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Mexican Food Box Delivery | Mexican Meal Kits | Taco Platter | Mexi Kit

Order a Mexican Meal...

Each pre-prepared kit contains everything you need to enjoy your next Mexican night!

Prepare restaurant-quality, authentic Mexican food at home in as little as 5 minutes. Delivered Nationwide.

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Mexican Kits | Mexican Meal Kits | Mexi Kit
  • 'Food Fiesta in Five!'

    Not another Meal-Kit. Our chefs do all the hard work for you! All our kits can be put together in around 5 minutes.

  • Best Taco Kit | Mexican BBQ Box | Chicken Al Pastor | Mexican Meal Kit

    'AMAZING Quality!'

    Prepared with Authentic Mexican Ingredients. Restaurant food, without the restaurant price.

  • 'Mexican night has never been easier!'

    Prepared in just minutes, leave the cooking to us whilst you become the host with the most!

  • Fresh Guacamole | Mexi Kit

    'Old El PASS-NO'

    Ditch the supermarket kits, this is the only DIY takeaway you need. With everything INCLUDED!

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One Fiesta, for all...

From our little home kitchen, big dreams were always simmering. MEXI-KIT, designed by a lack of proper Mexican comfort food, in a country which loves to entertain. I found myself asking why not both? I am Dan, or Danuèl. I am the founder of MEXI-KIT. I have immersed myself in Mexican food, culture and people for as long as I can remember, the only thing left is to apply for citizenship! Join us on our journey to eat, educate and enjoy Mexican food! buen provecho!

  • Simon Squibb

    Mr. 'What's your dream?'
    Simon's dream, other than becoming a successful entrepreneur, was to sample our Mexican feast in the comfort of his home.
    Mission Accomplished.

  • Ellie Mckay

    Serial entrepreneur and top podcast host Ellie Mckay, loves to tuck into a Build your own Fiesta with her family! We also sponsor her 'On a Mission' podcast!

  • Meals With Max

    Tiktok sensation and and all round good guy Max, is on a mission to feed one million families. Our Mexican Food is known to fuel his many fitness challenges! His favourite, The Taco Platter.

  • Eduardo Gomez

    Partner at Mex-Grocer, the largest Mexican food importer in the EU. Eduardo loves what we are doing at MEXI-KIT, he even gave us his sombrero.

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