From Traditional to Vegan Delights

From Traditional to Vegan Delights

Hola, our esteemed Mexi Kit aficionados!

As the aromas of sizzling spices waft through the air, we're beckoning you to another gastronomic escapade. This time around, we're making it all about the taco. While we've been knee-deep exploring the wonders of traditional Mexican food, there's an increasing demand and love for vegan Mexican food. And trust us, we're all ears and taste buds!

The Essence of Traditional Taco Kits

Before we embark on this new flavour voyage, let's pay homage to the classics. It's no secret that a genuine taco kit isn't just about the filling but the whole experience. At Mexi Kit, our taco kits are steeped in tradition, echoing the vibes of bustling Mexican streets and the warmth of abuela’s kitchen. Every bite is a piece of Mexico, and we're thrilled to bring that to the UK.

Taco Kits Take a Green Turn: Vegan Mexican Food

Now, for our plant-loving friends, who said traditional Mexican food can't embrace the green wave? Our vegan taco kits are here to bust that myth wide open! If tradition is the heart of our kitchen, innovation is its soul.

Jackfruit Birria Tacos: The Vegan Star

Let’s introduce you to a masterpiece: the Jackfruit Taco. Jackfruit, with its remarkable meat-like texture, becomes the canvas upon which traditional Mexican spices paint a beautiful story. Slow-cooked to perfection, every Jackfruit Birria Taco offers a tantalizing experience that not only satisfies the palate but also resonates with the heart.

Vegan Churros: A Tasty Finale

Just when you thought the culinary journey was coming to a close, enter our Vegan Churros. These golden sticks of joy, crisp on the outside, tender within, and sparkling with a dusting of sugar and cinnamon, are a tribute to the timeless appeal of Mexican desserts. Paired with a luscious dark chocolate sauce, they're an indulgence that speaks of tradition, tweaked for the modern vegan gourmet.

A Peek into the Future: Lentil and Mushroom Tacos

While our menu is already brimming with choices, at Mexi Kit, we're never done exploring. In the pipeline, we're toying with the idea of Lentil and Mushroom Tacos. Earthy mushrooms paired with protein-rich lentils, this could be a future favorite for our vegan amigos. So, keep your eyes peeled and taste buds ready!

From Our Kitchen to Yours

While we do the heavy lifting of curating the perfect taco kit, the final touch is all yours. Assemble, garnish, and dive into a plateful of Mexican wonders right in the comfort of your home. Vegan or traditional, there's a taco for every palate.

Taco ‘Bout a Journey with Mexi Kit!

Every taco has a tale, a hint of history wrapped within its folds. With Mexi Kit by your side, each meal becomes a story worth telling. We're on an endless journey, tracing the roots of traditional Mexican food while also embracing the new-age vegan Mexican food alternatives. And we’d love nothing more than for you to be our co-traveller.

Stay tuned to our blog for more gastronomic revelations. Till our next culinary rendezvous, stay spicy and bon appétit!

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